Friday, July 01, 2005

Well its the 1st of July

And its raining-how typical is that lol? However it is the start of the new Chatelaine mystery and the continuation of the others. Both that I am part of look great for this month and I can't wait to get stuck in. The new Medieval sampler looks very intriquing and the colours are wonderful.
After yesterdays events I am feeling suprisingly positive and I think alot of that is relief that decision is made and I now can move forward. Its not to say I don't feel enormously hurt by everything that has gone on and that tears wouldn't spring up if I thought too much about it but the reaction will come of that I am sure but for now I am doing ok. I did get a very nice email from the one person who has been good to me imploring me to change my mind but I think its gone too far for that, but I also know that him and his wife are totally on my side and that means alot.
One thing I did pack away and send on was my photos from the last two major events as although I love pictures and reliving memories I think these are just pictures that hold nothing but bad memories for me. I am not sure that the person I sent them too wants them either but he can then choose what becomes of them-it was important to me to just purge my house of every last vestige of the group.
Tonight is Big Brother eviction night and I really hope Saskia goes and I do think she will. She is sullen and I would like to see Maxwell how he really is when shes not around.

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