Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tired but had productive day

I managed to finish shopping for mums birthday today. Dad went out on a mission for the main part of it earlier this week and I took mum into Boots in town this morning and got her to pick something out. She chose two Sanctuary products which she wouldn't buy for herself so that is sorted. I just need to make a card this weekend and we are done and ready for Thursday.
I found crutching it round town a real effort today and feel absolutely shattered so am having a quiet day and just stitching with my feet up in front of the tele.
I have finished the first corner of MVIII part 8 so thats going well, but have been doing alot of matching up of variegated silks. This part is just two colours in a border and the blue matches ok, but the Graphite has very light to very dark patches which with the way my thread was going would have run through funny, but it looks ok now and I can start the next corner.:-)
I am nearly there on having enough money for one big Chatelaine kit and hope to sell some more stuff on Ebay and maybe strike lucky for the third week in a row on the Thunderball lottery so will be able to order the kit asap. I was keen on two other big garden kits too but am having second thoughts for various reasons on these at the moment, but the Medieval Mandala Garden is a MUST.

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