Saturday, July 09, 2005

Its a scorcher

Crikey its HOT today. I found it almost too hot to cruch it round town this morning so we came home and had lunch and I have just started the last corner of MVIII part 7 so that should be finished by Monday at the latest. I then have a small piece of obligation stitching to do and once that is done I will start and finish the tryout for Midi I and then start the first part of it too. I am really looking forward to a new start. I haven't started anything medium/large for ages so this will be a nice change.
I have to look at my stitching properly once I am out of plaster as I would like to change my rotation and also make some WIPS redundant or look at possibly starting over on some because on at least one I hate the fabric and have only done about 10 hours. I also have a couple of obligation pieces to do which should be fun but would like to have them done on time. One is the Chatelaine Mystery Sampler I which is on the theme of friendship. I want to stitch this for the best friend of my friend who died. They were friends since schooldays and when Sara was first diagnosed with kidney problems Emily was fantastic to her and when we started the group Emily became a constant source of help and advice. Emily has since become a very welcome friend to me and in memory of Sara and her friendship I would like to stitch this for her. We are having a big fundraising day at the beginning of September for Sara and the group she set up so I would like to have it finished by then, but think that is unlikely. Time seems to have run away with me and almost passed in a haze this year so I can't quite believe its July already and although the piece isn't huge it is detailed so it may have to be a Christmas present instead.
The other piece of stitching I have until November to do, and that is the Just Nan birth Sampler for someone else from the group and his wife who have both been great. I always planned to stitch something as a suprise then they mentioned hoping I would do something so if they ask I may add something else to the repertoire.
But I do have more time and stitching is one of the most therapeutic hobbies I do so hope to at least get a few more finishes in this year. Talking of which, today I feel a bit better but know I will have good and bad days but I still know I did what was right for me.

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