Friday, September 23, 2011

Molly Blooms Watering can

It is that time of the month again where we get out the Molly Blooms and have a go at The Paperlane Challenge. This month I wasn't at all sure whether I would enter as it really was a challenge as we have to create anything but a card and as that is the only papercraft I do I was stumped. But then I thought back to the lovely day I had in April at a local craft shop who had a demonstration by Claire taking place and because I was fascinated with her stamps I went along to have a look. At this point I wasn't particularly stamping as I had not managed to get a good result but by talking to the ladies in who run the shop and Claire I picked up loads of tips and am now enjoying stamping and have quite a few now and getting relatively good results. Anyway on that day Claire had alot of samples with her and one of these was for her model of a watering can using her stamps and I fell in love. Although it was a bit extravagant for someone who wasn't doing much stamping I bought the pack so I could perhaps one day do something similar. I tucked the template away but have used the stamps themselves many times since and realised that with this challenge now was the perfect time to have a go at making the watering can. I ackowledge it isn't perfect but I am pretty pleased at the result considering it is a first attempt and would certainly make another in the future as it was not nearly as difficult as I anticipated:

I am entering this in:

The Paperlane Challenge