Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Embroidery finish

Yesterday I finished my first proper embroidery piece. This was taken at a Judy Dixon class with my good friend Gina and I am thrilled at how this one came out:

What I particularly love is all the yummy silk flosses and special threads Judy adds to her designs which make them extra sumptuous. This one is designed to be made into a lid for a jewellery box and I am not sure at the moment if I am going to do that yet-I am frightened of ruining it in the process.
As a quick update I will let you know that after much faffing about at the unit my blood results are back and are ok but things need to be looked into a bit more. My inflammation markers are at an ok level, but so far my haemoglobin hasn't shifted so my consultant wants some more detailed tests done. But and this is the thing that annoyed me was that it was decided yesterday but they hadn't made a note in my folder so the blood didn't get taken. And with bank holidays being when my next shifts fall it won't be done for a week-I am trusting he didn't want it urgently but it really ticked me off.
Also I got a letter yesterday informing me to ring the dental hospital to book in for the wisdom tooth removal and after hours and talking to so many people on the phone I got nowhere. Today mum rings the number whilst I dialysed to get in early and got through straight away and got me booked in for next week. What happened when I rang I have no idea but it was really like the twilight zone for a few hours and it drove me crazy.
Anyway it's nearly easter and we have had a phone call that my brother and family are coming to visit on Saturday-I get easter cuddles with my nephew which is a lovely suprise.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

This rotation lark is paying off

Well I was always very sceptical I could design and stick to a rotation but for over a year now I have done so and have to say it is starting to reap rewards. This is especially so this year as I have also introduced a focus piece which I stitch on between every rotation piece and I am now very happy to announce that Paisley is finished:

I am really pleased with how this one came out and a good friend has agreed to make it into a cushion for me. This is good as it will match in with our lounge and will be a nice size for the sofa.
In other news my study is going better now after a bit of a blip where I received a really rotten assignment result-well rotten for my great expectations of what I would wish to achieve, but I still passed which is the main thing. However it really knocked my confidence and I was dreading getting the latest assignment back as I could see my results nosediving if I wasn't careful. But after receiving my highest result of the course when I got the assignment back and a good tutorial yesterday I am starting to get back on track. Also for this course they do allow the worst result to be made up to the average result at the end so as long as I don't have anymore blips I will be ok.I have to say that my tutor is very good and put everything into perspective yesterday and although I think at times he marks a little hard on reflection I think that might be better as you know when you reach a higher grade it does reflect the progress being made. Then there is just the not so small matter of the exam to be got through and we are finished with this course. I really cannot believe how quickly this course has gone and I have really enjoyed it, learnt loads and made several new friends-so really glad I picked it. Next year I am looking at doing a specialist course of some kind and at the moment it is a toss up between literature and classical studies.
In other news I am having some tests tomorrow to make sure my mouth infection isn't causing my body problems. One of my nurses told me the mouth has a good blood supply so it would be wise for me to check that the infection isn't sneaking around my body too much. I have to say that I don't feel ill as such despite being on almost permanant antibiotics this year but some of my results indict otherwise. My haemoglobin has been dropping despite the injections to stop it being increased this could be a reason for it. So I need that checked as well as a few other things to determine if I should be doing anything else. The only solution is having the tooth out and the cogs of the NHS move so slow and even though I am chasing it up nothing happens that quickly despite the extra risk factors, such as not being able to have a transplant whilst I have this infection.
Anyway thats it for now and Easter and better weather are fast approaching so have a good one all.