Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have a few pictures to share today. First up is Santa of the forest by Lavender and Lace:

I finished this morning and I adore it. This is the first piece I have finished that I have tracked all the way through and if you click on the link to its finish in my side bar you can go back through every step if you so wish.

I have also started my first piece of major knitting which is a chunky cardigan for myself:

It is knitted in the recommended wool-Sirdar tweedie chunky but I am using the roasted berry colour. So far so good.

I also got my OU results and I passed and have gained a diploma in literature. One downside is that an awful lot of us dropped by quite a bit in the exam so many were disappointed with their grades. Overall I got the grade band I expected but had hoped that maybe the exam went well enough to get the next one, but sadly not this time.
I am enjoying my time off studying and managing to get out as much as possible. The weekend away was a great success and we are looking at having another long weekend in the not too distant future.