Saturday, December 31, 2005

That was the year that was

Well as we inch towards 2006 I am looking back at this year and out of 10 it gets a 6. Not bad considering some of the awfulness it contained but in summary here is the good, the bad and the ugly:


I found out who some of my most wonderful friends were when they stuck by me through every event and torrid emotion this year.

I had the most wonderful birthday helped especially by some of said friends who did lots of things to make it so special.

My parents as usual this year have been a huge support and comfort even at my ranting times.

I finally started fulfilling one of my life ambitions to start a degree.

I had my hair professionally coloured for the first time.

I had a few significant monetary windfulls.

I finished some beautiful cross stitch pieces especially Taj Mahal by Chatelaine.


This was the first whole year without Sara around to share stuff with.

I had to walk away from something I cared so deeply about.

It started to look like a big mistake had been made about my health which had a big detrimental effect on me emotionally.

My health has been less than good with alot of minor stuff going on.

I broke my foot which STILL isn't healed nearly 7 months on.


The stupid seller on ebay who sold me a digital camera and then nicked off with all the money.

A few nasty fights and name calling on msn which I didn't want to partake in.

A severe betrayal occurred by people I thought would be life long friends.

I think that is mainly it actually and it seems that the good does indeed mainly come out on top.
So here's to 2006 and may it bring you all health, wealth and happiness (which reminds me to add another couple of good points lol).


Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am back

Wow what a busy week. Its mostly been spent getting Christmas sorted and finishing off my study so I can have a good break. Tuesday everything went pear-shaped as I came down with a nasty bug but its passed quickly so normal service is resumed and I am now catching up on that I missed.
I now think its unlikely I will finish my Newton's Law Christmas kit in time and as for the Just Nan I bought well that can wait for next year, but its a Limited Edition so the important thing is I have it. I also think with stitching on Newton and getting into my knitted scarf I probably am more likely to finish MVIII next year too but as all the stitching is done this year thats enough for me.
I spent today with my friend Jane and her husband just eating and drinking and shopping and it was really great. A relaxing day which I have needed for so long.
I have also been trying to catch up on people this week who I have been missing as I haven't gone into msn for so long. My head is in a better place than it was as this last week I also had rather a big reaction to everything that happened this year and felt really down, but its slowly getting better esp now I am making plans of how to tackle it.
Other than that if I don't make it back here until after Christmas have a good one everyone. And BIG apologies to the poor blog display. I did have alot of stuff uploaded to Photo bucket but when coming to arrange them here they either didn't look right or I just didn't have time to sort them out properly, but thats what being a student does for you heeheee.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Now I only have the beading to do:

I am absolutely over the moon to have finished all the cross stitching before the mystery finishes. I 'hope' to completely finish before the end of the year, but there are alot of beads to sew on so its not definite.
In other news I haven't got alot to report but I do seem to be excessively busy at the moment. Of course its the usual Christmas preparations combined with OU work. My final assignment of the year has now gone in so I can start to wind down a bit now.
We put our tree up today and its looking great this year and also in the decorations box we found my melting snowman candle. Its a cool candle I got from a charity catalogue last year. I got a large and a small one at a discount for buying both, and gave the small as a present. I will try and get a picture, but essentially it is a snowmans head on a melted body and lasts for ages. We put it on the grate today and the cat is being ever so neurotic around it lol.
On Tuesday we went to a local garden centre and I got a little fake tree for my room and some room scenters and candles with Christmas smells, like brown sugar, christmas pudding etc. One lovely oil I got for my burner from Colonial candles was simpley called Noel and well its beautiful-sums up the festive season perfectly.
On a slightly down note I am still keeping quiet as I still feel very stressed and wound up which is always the case at this time of year and doesn't help as I start to look back on the year and whats happened.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

New stash

In all my excitement of the lottery win yesterday I forgot to blog that I had got stash. As it was my birthday month in November I got a nice discount from Needlecraft corner. I decided to use it on the Jeanette Douglas chart and accessory pack for Northern lights and some Rainbow Gallery treasure braids. I also had the Limited edition Just Nan on order though there was no further discount on that as it was a special package. Its a really pretty kit and even includes the Whimzi frame and wadding to make it so I am really pleased. Just at the end of the month as my order was being processed I saw that two new charts were out by Calico crossroads. They are doing seasonal ones using overdyed threads and I got December and January and one thread to go with it. As they were not due out until December I knew I wouldn't get the discount but Drema who owns the shop very kindly included it anyway.
Its been a busy couple of days with Christmas preparations and studying. I have an assignment due in on Friday and I am nearly there now. Then its a bit more reading and over Christmas we can look forward to a well deserved break. I am really enjoying this course and starting to cast around for the next one. However its too early to decide yet so will just keep a note of what areas I am enjoying at the moment.
Finally in the UK we woke to hear that there has been a huge explosion at an oil depot in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire which is not far from London. Luckily hardly anyone was seriously injured in this and now we wait to find out the cause. It is logged as an accident at the moment and I hope thats true. Whatever the cause its going to result in chaos for a bit with both transport and possible petrol problems.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lottery news

OMG I cannot believe it. I got 4 numbers tonight on the Thunderball which is £100. If my foot wasn't still broken I would be dancing wildly round the room. What a great and wonderful boost and a lovely early Christmas present.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quick update

Life has got so busy in the last week its untrue. I guess its that time of year with trying to get Christmas shopping done on top of OU work I want to get ahead of so I can relax at Christmas. I also want to sit down and finish MVIII but am making solid progress in the evenings so far so we may get a finish this year.
This past week has not been a good one as the fracture clinic told me that 6 months on my foot still isn't healed so there are a couple of possibilities. As I am not in any discomfort-well wasn't until they prodded it they will leave it and see me in another 3 months. There is the chance as it is a slow healing break it could take 6 months to a year-not sure if thats from now or the orginal break but get the impression its the former. The second option is surgery to have a bone graft put in but as I don't work and its not causing too many problems this will be more of a last resort. However the Dr examining me was quizzing me on my medication and as my Calcium is quite low he wanted that up to try and help. As luck would have it my Kidney consultant was at the dialysis unit yesterday so I rang and asked them to pass on a message. Today he has changed some drugs and is liasing with the Orthopaedic consulatant to see what the situation is. This is also because the Dr I saw who I think was a registrar said it looked like I may have osteoporosis in my feet. But I had a bone density scan 10 months ago and that was completely normal so think this maybe a throw away comment as the consultant I saw before didn't say anything and my bones can't be thinning that fast. I do wish Dr's wouldn't make throw away comments as he couldn't point out where on the X-ray it was, sort of just waved his hands around alot.
Tomorrow it is a study day and Christmas shopping in the afternoon. I hope I can manage my shopping a bit better on this new Calcium regime as I have been very achy lately and this could be the answer.

Friday, December 02, 2005

MVIII Part 11 finished plus other news

Just in the nick of time on the day the new part was released I completed Part 11 of MVIII:

I have had such a busy month with OU work, birthday celebrations and various appointments I am pleased to have caught up.
Talking of OU work I got my latest exam back today and it was in my OU inbox late last night but for once I hadn't checked lol. Well it was much better than expected and I got 68% this time. I am really pleased with that mark as I wasn't sure that I had tackled it completely right. In actual fact what I missed out I wouldn't have ever considered putting in anyway so thats also a lesson learned for the future.
On Tuesday I went to see my consultant to talk over the transplant issues and a more positive spin was put on it this time. One slightly annoying issue is the surgeon who refused me 3 years ago on what has now been proven to be false information may now agree to perform the operation. So I haven't made any definite decisions as depending on who I talk to and when I keep changing my mind. I have no timescale in which to decide so theres no urgency but equally I can't procrastinate forever.
Onto other stitching I am more and more in love with Chatelaines Japanese Garden. So far I haven't signed up but might think seriously of doing so in the next few weeks, esp as I still have to sign up for MIX anyway.