Sunday, December 11, 2005

New stash

In all my excitement of the lottery win yesterday I forgot to blog that I had got stash. As it was my birthday month in November I got a nice discount from Needlecraft corner. I decided to use it on the Jeanette Douglas chart and accessory pack for Northern lights and some Rainbow Gallery treasure braids. I also had the Limited edition Just Nan on order though there was no further discount on that as it was a special package. Its a really pretty kit and even includes the Whimzi frame and wadding to make it so I am really pleased. Just at the end of the month as my order was being processed I saw that two new charts were out by Calico crossroads. They are doing seasonal ones using overdyed threads and I got December and January and one thread to go with it. As they were not due out until December I knew I wouldn't get the discount but Drema who owns the shop very kindly included it anyway.
Its been a busy couple of days with Christmas preparations and studying. I have an assignment due in on Friday and I am nearly there now. Then its a bit more reading and over Christmas we can look forward to a well deserved break. I am really enjoying this course and starting to cast around for the next one. However its too early to decide yet so will just keep a note of what areas I am enjoying at the moment.
Finally in the UK we woke to hear that there has been a huge explosion at an oil depot in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire which is not far from London. Luckily hardly anyone was seriously injured in this and now we wait to find out the cause. It is logged as an accident at the moment and I hope thats true. Whatever the cause its going to result in chaos for a bit with both transport and possible petrol problems.

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