Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some finishes

I put in my final assignment for my degree about four weeks ago and can't quite believe I have finally finished this after seven long years. Even though I was studying I still managed to finish a few things:

I have already completed the companion piece to this Woof flip it by Lizzie Kate and am thinking of making the two into a mini biscornu eventually.

I love these Spring Fern socks and am really happy with they way they turned out as the instructions were really good.

Finally I finished this little Humphrey's Corner a couple of weeks ago and think it is really cute:

I seem to have specific ideas of where I am wanting my stithing to go at the moment as I am really attracted to all things that can be made into something and have already ordered the Silver Needle's Just Nan exclusive and have been pulling stuff from my stash that will end up as something useful.