Thursday, September 28, 2006

Had to share this

I got this through the post today and it really cheered me up. It is innovative advertising at it's best:

Seeing as at this moment I should be sat on a plane heading for Lanzarote I am a bit down in the dumps. I also feel pretty rough as it is a bad virus that has stopped me going. Although it has been touch and go for the last couple of weeks with every conceivable problem hitting the family. We have decided this wasn't meant to be at this time and will look at a weekend away later in the year. C'est la vie. :-S

Friday, September 15, 2006

Two finishes

I managed to finish Angel of the morning yesterday:

And today I finished knitting my first pair of socks:

These were knitted in Regia Canadian colours Montreal which was a gift in the last exchange from Danni and they are beautiful. They are going to mum as they are slightly big for me, so have worked out what to reduce and where next time I knit a pair of socks.
Things are ok here but it is a bit mad and as yet no firm arrangements have been made regards my uncle's funeral except that it will be in this country. We are not making any firm plans about whether to go away or not either at the moment because a couple of other things are being thrown into the mix too. Taffy is still not well although after being bought some proper gourmet food he is eating better today, but the question of what to do with regards putting him into a cattery remains. Also my expectant nephew could well make a very early appearance, possibly the end of the month and as they are giving steroids to mature the lungs it is definitely quite likly. This of course would also fall around the time of the holiday so it does look like a conspiracy is afoot to stop it lol. All we need now is for me to get a call for a transplant and we will have everything thrown into the mix. Although this is unlikely it would make for a very busy time with everyone needing to spread themselves thinly. I hope it doesn't actually happen until some of this is all sorted as we all have enough on our plates without another thing on top.
I am rather disappointed today as I looked up the trains to Birmingham for the knitting and stitching show and for some reason I can't fathom it means a bus has to be taken for a good portion of it. Reluctantly I have had to pull out from going as it would take a very long time and I think it would be too much for me, plus the connections can't be guaranteed either. It is a shame as it is a new show for them and I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. I have been to the London equivalent before and it is usually very good and although I had decided not to go to that one maybe I will think again but it really depends on how my course and other things are going.
Anyway for those who do go I hope you have a super time and sorry good old British rail has deprived you of my sparkling company this time. But I will make another and for my bank managers sake maybe it isn't a bad thing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sad news

We have today heard that my uncle has passed away whilst on holiday in Canada. It is a bit of a shock to say the least as although he hasn't been completely well, it never seemed that serious. There has been a bit of difficulty getting news today because they initially didn't have our details to hand, but some very kind friends and family got word to us it was serious and then we chased it up from there. What happens now is a bit of a wait and see game as we don't know what the law is out there and where everyone will return to. They lived in Spain but all family is here including my cousin who has flown out this week. Also because it maybe prolonged sorting it all out we may have to cancel our holiday. Mum doesn't want to do that necessarily but we can go again whereas with this sort of thing if she misses something important she could regret it.
In other news, today has been weird with this going on as me and mum were at my psychologist appointment and returned home to the news. Then whilst waiting to hear how things were in Canada the transplant co-ordinator phoned to say I am being put on the list today which with all this has taken a back seat and I have hardly thought of it.
Taffy is also going around like a pirate at the moment as he has one eye closed due to something or other and is off to the vet tomorrow. He turned very skittish on Saturday and was frightened of everything even us doing everyday things around him and has eaten very little since. So dad made an appointment for the vets in the mean time, but when he came in today he had a mucky eye which appeared to be on his nose too and he can't open it properly. He also appears to have some fluid from his nose too today and although I am hoping it is only a simple infection I am concerned it could possibly be something more.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

An up and down time

It has been fairly busy here the last couple of weeks and alot of it hasn't been too good. I seem to have crashed down badly in my moods again and although I try to remain positive it isn't always that easy.
Last week I found out a lady I used to dialyse with had passed away. She had a multitude of problems so it wasn't a total suprise. But it brings it home and this is extra sad as she was a single mum with a young son who now hopefully will be looked after how she would want.
Then this week I found I wasn't actually on the transplant list. I hadn't heard from the co-ordinators so decided to get it looked into and they had handed my details to one who was on holiday. She is adamant we must meet before she pushes the magic activation button and is hoping she can visit me at dialysis tomorrow. However it isn't certain this will happen and alot of stuff was said that didn't make sense. In the end I rang my consultant to complain and he rang me back and said he will look into it. Unfortunately given my history and the nature of the situation everyone has to be happy and know where they stand so it is perfectly reasonable to stick with what the co-ordinators want for the moment. It is just so frustrating and seems never ending but I suppose we will get there eventually.
I did however today get my first lot of course materials for the next one and I bought a lap top. I hadn't originally intended to get one today as such. But there have been several good buys in Comet's and whilst in town I asked mum if we could stop off. I am now the proud owner of an Acer Aspire with very good specifications with a whopping reduction well withing my price range. My computer expert of a brother even thinks it is a bargain so it I am more than happy. I have checked it works and set it all up but for the moment it is away until I buy my desk next week. I must admit the course materials look very intresting and I can't wait to get stuck into this one. I will be starting a bit early as the course officially starts as I go on holiday at the end of the month so I don't want to drop behind.
Finally I am booked every weekend this month with various stitchy things and as summer finally comes to an end I can satisfy myself that it has been action packed and I did loads. Then the hard work starts.