Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time for a general update

It's been so long since I last blogged that I am trying to order my thoughts as to what has been going on.
In general I have been enjoying my time off studying and taking the time to chill out and stitch or knit. In fact I have finished a few things but instead of posting pictures to bore you all I will just say you can see the links in the sidebar. But from now on I am going to try and post pictures and blog more often.
We have also been decorating my room which is now looking fabulous. I now have a pink theme with soft pink walls and a fushia on the woodwork. I chose the bedlinen first which I got on sale and that is white with a panel containing fuschia embroidery. The curtains are plain fuschia and have a panel which has fuschia embroidery down the side so it is like an embossed effect. I also got pillows the same as the curtains although it's all from the same range and found a fab cushion-one of those very hairy ones which luckily matched the bedlinen. I then managed to get the lighting at a great price and have a chandelier and a table lamp that moreorless matches. Finally the carpet has gone down which is like a dark cream and although the medittaranean colours of before gave the room lots of light this is even better.
I also passed my OU course at the begining of the month and although I just missed the score I really wanted I was more than happy with what I did get and now it's onwards and upwards to the next one. I should be receiving the materials soon although it doesn't officially start until the end of next month, but I have time to get organised at least. But as it is a literature course I am pre-reading the first lot of books which I am enjoying but hope that some of them will make more sense when I start to study them.
However this summer has been darkened a bit by the very sad news that we have had to put Taffy to sleep. I can't believe it is two weeks already since he left us, but it was the best thing for him. The weekend before he kept disappearing and when we eventually found him on the Monday he went wild at being dragged away from his shelter. We managed to get him to the vets and they kept him in for blood tests and some fluids, but when we rang on the Monday they said his kidney function was off the scale and they could make him feel better for a few days with steroids but it was only a temporary measure so he would not live any longer than that. We decided as he certainly seemed very unhappy and wasn't eating to not put him through that so we decided to let him go. My dad was the one to go and sign the papers and be with him-me and mum are never quite brave enough but we would if we had to, but apparently it was quick and peaceful so I don't think he really suffered much.
Thats it for now folks but I will try and write more often if I can from now on.