Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beekeepers cottage

I finished this Shepherd's Bush design today:

I really love this design but for some reason I kept making lots of mistakes. Some of them were down to me and I either left them or started over, but some came from either the instructions or my interpretation of them being wrong. But I am very pleased with the finish either way and despite the problems it was a very enjoyable stitch.
I think I am going to start the row of cats by Bothy Threads next as my focus piece but that is still subject to change. I am finding this rotation is working very well around my study so I am certainly sticking to it. The function of smaller pieces as a focus allows me some finishing gratification and a good way to get my stash down, but I am trying to plan them carefully. The only obligation I have is my nephews birth sampler which I am going to get soon and hopefully it shouldn't take too long to stitch then I can decide what to stitch from there.