Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knitting finishes

I have had a couple of knitting finishes recently and as you will be able to see there is a theme going on in the colours used. My first finish was this small lavender bag:

This was a gift from Scully and I finished it up when I couldn't carry on with my next finish as I had a bad hand for a week or so. As you can see Scully knows me very well as my next finish is a chunky sweater that I made in colours which are also very similar to the lavender bag:

Other than these finished I haven't been up to much except trying to grapple with my OU studies. We have a big assignment due tomorrow which has taken up alot of my time lately and I am just waiting to hear from my tutor on a couple of minor techniqual points and then I can send it off. It will be such a relief to see it go as it has been a real hard slog and only started to come together at the beginning of this week as I had been struggling with one part of the structure. But I am at the point that I feel I have done myself justice and whatever the result is there is no way I could do anything different at this point.
I also haven't been that well this year with a variety of health related niggles including getting severely anaemic due to the kidney problems and still am now. I had a test yesterday so will get the result in the next week or so, but although I am not falling asleep at the drop of a hat, I expect it will still be low. But it is to be expected as the treatment they give is an injection which takes awhile to work. There is the option of a blood transfusion but they don't like to do this unless the blood levels become critical as it can cause problems when it comes to matching a transplant. This is because any new antibodies you receive from the blood means that they could potentially attack a new organ which doesn't have them and it would therefore reject. I already have a very high level of antibodies which is one of the reasons I am a difficult match so unless it is necessary we don't want to introduce anymore.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back with a finish

I finished Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks yesterday and here it is:


I am going to put it on the Winter Thread Pal eventually, when I get round to doing that.
I haven't posted in so long even though I did finish a few things as I just didn't have the inclination to blog. But I am ok and going to try to post more this year.