Friday, December 02, 2005

MVIII Part 11 finished plus other news

Just in the nick of time on the day the new part was released I completed Part 11 of MVIII:

I have had such a busy month with OU work, birthday celebrations and various appointments I am pleased to have caught up.
Talking of OU work I got my latest exam back today and it was in my OU inbox late last night but for once I hadn't checked lol. Well it was much better than expected and I got 68% this time. I am really pleased with that mark as I wasn't sure that I had tackled it completely right. In actual fact what I missed out I wouldn't have ever considered putting in anyway so thats also a lesson learned for the future.
On Tuesday I went to see my consultant to talk over the transplant issues and a more positive spin was put on it this time. One slightly annoying issue is the surgeon who refused me 3 years ago on what has now been proven to be false information may now agree to perform the operation. So I haven't made any definite decisions as depending on who I talk to and when I keep changing my mind. I have no timescale in which to decide so theres no urgency but equally I can't procrastinate forever.
Onto other stitching I am more and more in love with Chatelaines Japanese Garden. So far I haven't signed up but might think seriously of doing so in the next few weeks, esp as I still have to sign up for MIX anyway.

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