Monday, November 28, 2005

Knitting and a new cat toy

This afternoon I had a crack at the knitting kit I got for my birthday and all was going great. I had done around 14 or more rows when a stitch dropped. So me being me I panicked so it went further down. In the end I decided to just work my way back but more kept dropping and/or falling off my needle. So mum had rescued me a few times before then and had a go at another rescue attempt. Unfortunately it was terminal so I am going to start again.
As for the new cat toy well it is the case on row that I couldn't unravel. For a 15 year old he is quite nimble on the old pins.
But having said all that I really enjoyed the knitting and will go a bit more careful next time. I think the problems kicked in when my confidence grew. Oh and the wool is just so pretty.:-)

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