Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A pink and glittery birthday!!

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Today I turned the big 30 and it has been fun, fun, fun. Why pink and glittery? That describes my cake:

I knew I was getting one so just asked it to be pink and glittery and this is what mum chose. It is just fantastic!! I came up with the glittery idea after having glitter on a previous cake and as I love pink it was the obvious choice.
To mark the occasion I also got a big balloon which was almost as tall as me:

Even my dialysis unit made me a badge/necklace, fake cake, put ribbon, tinsel and 'glove' balloons over my bed with posters on the machine. They even put a sign on the main front door. For those who know where my photobucket album is all pictures are in there. I am uploading to Webshots but it is playing me up again so that will take awhile.

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