Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Busy, busy

Well today just flew past. I haven't been feeling 100% for a couple of days now and woke up this morning hardly able to lift my head off the pillow and hurting all over.
Depite that I had an essay I needed to do. Well two actually-one of 300 words and another of 900. I had planned them on Thursday and even partially written the 300 word one so I cracked on. The 300 word one went like a dream-usually it takes ages to get it down to 300 but I am happy with it. The 900 word one? Well 9 hours later its at 903 words and I am relatively happy with it. Why the panic? Its due in on Friday and I can't guarantee how much I can get done tomorrow and Friday after dialysis and I am supposed to be out all day Thursday. As I am not quite right and I have over done things in the last couple of weeks I may not go out now and get my essay done and sent instead.
So since finishing Autumn Garden sampler I have done no stitching apart from a tiny bit yesterday on my MVIII trees. I am in a severe slump with those trees and this will probably be the first month I don't keep up with it. Its a shame really as next month is the last part and then I have the beading to do. So with the delays I definitely think it will be next year before its finished now. It was only a vague hope it would be this year but those trees are proving a bit of a bind lol.

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