Friday, November 25, 2005

Dratted kids

Last night my sleep was disturbed by kids ringing our doorbell at 12:15 AM. I think they saw a light on in the bathroom and as we live in a bungalow when challenged they ran off.
Naturally when the doorbell goes anytime after about 9:00pm you wonder if something awful has happened and at that time its even worse. We have quite a few relatives that live away from the area so they all go through your mind and you pray they are all safe.
The weather has bit hard in some parts of the country today and even places less than an hour away have had snow. We had one flurry at about 7:00am and that was it. Otherwise it was the perfect winter day-sunny and crisp. Where I was last weekend is extremely bad and the roads we drove through have stranded cars on them and the town itself is pretty much impassable. Its amazing really as Cornwall gets less snow than us but its hit them bad this time. As luck would have it Jane is away in Cuba at the moment so has missed it all and hasn't had to battle through it.

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