Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good stuff/bad stuff

To start off with the good. Friends of mine have emailed me to tell me that their first child has arrived safely in the world on Sunday afternoon. So cue a new start-Just Nans birth sampler. Call me a cranky old crone but didn't want to start in case I jinxed anything lol.
Still on the good side I took Taj in to be framed this afternoon and I am hoping that it turns out as nice as I am imagining it will. I pick it up next week so will post a picture for you all once its home. I hate leaving my precious stitching with others lol so I hope my babys ok.
More good stuff-will it never end lol is that my assignment went in yesterday, so have some spare time to myself to stitch, read and chill.
Bad stuff is that at the moment I am not coping very well. It is a combination of things but I feel under an extreme amount of stress and I know it won't leave for a good week yet, as the anniversary of my friends death is this weekend and my appointment for the surgeon is also looming. Its kind of stirred up alot of stuff I wasn't expecting really so at the moment I am spinning out.

But the good outweighs the bad so thats something and we have now entered my birthday month woooohoooo and at the moment I am finalising my plans and lurching from looking forward to it to dreading it lol.
Thanks for allowing me a whinge. Going back to stitching now as all the new parts of the Chatelaines are out. :-)

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