Thursday, November 03, 2005

What a great day

Its been a really nice day today. As we are in reading week for my course I am able to relax and chill a bit. Today I went and had my eyebrows waxed and shaped professionally. I was booked in for a local place for today but they cancelled due to staff illness on Wednesday. Luckily I got a last minute booking at a place near town after seeing an advert in the paper. I really enjoyed it and felt throughly pampered. I have always done my own up to now and growing them out has been awful-I have really had to resist getting my tweezers to them lol. But after having them done properly I can appraise two things. One my previous efforts were not bad but two this looks much better so at £5 per month I am going to go regularly.
Then this afternoon I went for a wander into town and got some stuff from The Body Shop. I am in their card club so you also get £5 worth of products free in your birthday month. I chose a Papaya lip balm for £4.50, but they still take £5 off the total. It wasn't a good choice though as what should be sat on my dressing table when I got home-yep the one and only twin of it. :-S I could have sworn I had never bought one like that either lol. I also bought some make up and being a sucker for a freebie I bought some stuff I was dithering over to get a free set. This contained a neutral lipstick, a small bottle of White musk perfume which I love, a miniture cocoa butter body wash and a small tub of Vitamin E moisture cream all in a pretty cosmetic bag.
Then it was off to Boots to buy my shampoo and bath stuff-again a disaster as I got home and had a spare bottle of shampoo sat in the drawer-must remember to make a list next time lol.
I tried to stitch tonight but couldn't get into it so made a Mandala for a card and now here I am surfing before bed.

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