Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amusing quiz.

I saw this in Kates blog and had to have a go. You put you name and the word wants into Google and see some of the funny things that come up. So Michelle wants:

To visit 27 places - could apply to me.

Break down barriers in golf - don't think I want to do anything with golf.

Danny to stay with her - I don't know any Danny's.

Her lover to afford her more freedom - hey I got plenty of freedom because I don't have one.

To know more about metallic elements - not today I don't.

To go topless in her next film role - only if its straight to video.

To become a multi culti cusine Queen - hmmm possibly need to be able to cook English food well first.

Tony's input - think I would need to meet him first.

To help her friend Jason create a swanky bachelor pad - well my cousin is called Jason and lives on a narrow boat lol.

To start an advice to the lovelorn column - as if I'd be able to help them.

To pick bigots out of society like weeds in a garden - don't we all.

The squeaky toy the trainer has behind me - Woof.


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