Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stash enhancement

It all started when I saw that the new Limited edition Mirabilia had 25% off at Stitching bits and bobs. I then decided I really would like Victoria Samplers Jingle bell farm so got that with the two accessory packs too.
This is on top of my birthday discount I spent at Needlecraft Corner the other day. That time I got Jeanette Douglas' Northern Lights chart and accesory pack as well as some Rainbow Gallery PTB. The weird thing is I would have spent more for my birthdy but all that I had my eye on was exempt. So made up for it at stitching bits.
Actually there seems to be a theme here-winter and or band samplers. But we all ahve to treat ourselves once in a while eh?
I think it was a cheer me up day as I was supposed to go out tonight but felt too mentally and physically drained and had panic attacks I wouldn't manage it. I almost think its more depressing to try and fail than to not try at all where my health at the moment is concerned. But I also know it is because I am down and don't want to do much or have anything else upset me at the moment. Oh for the days when things were simple-way back when.

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