Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another one down

Today I sent in assignment number 3. I can't believe how quick the course is going and in 3 weeks time the last one of the year is due then we get a couple of weeks off for Christmas.
I am cautiously optimistic that I did ok as I got everything across I wanted to and came in on or under the number of words stated-fingers crossed I really did feel well after dialysis and wasn't reading it through in a total haze. However most of it was written it was just the tweaking I did today so it should be ok.
So tomorrow I am now free so off to visit friends who recently had a baby and then have a relaxing few days until next weeks 'fun'. This is written like this as it is not fun as have to struggle through the contra flow from hell on the M5 during rush hour to see my consultant to discuss the transplant issue with him. Unfortunately the mood I am in he could get an earful and that would be unfair as he came into all this part way through. He has only done his best for me but in all honesty it is an utter mess. My poor head hates having time to think as it just spins out with this subject alone.
But before that I might have a night out in Bristol to look forward to on Saturday and a little bit of stitching inbetween. Those trees are not going to defeat me I swear it lol.

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