Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quick update

Life has got so busy in the last week its untrue. I guess its that time of year with trying to get Christmas shopping done on top of OU work I want to get ahead of so I can relax at Christmas. I also want to sit down and finish MVIII but am making solid progress in the evenings so far so we may get a finish this year.
This past week has not been a good one as the fracture clinic told me that 6 months on my foot still isn't healed so there are a couple of possibilities. As I am not in any discomfort-well wasn't until they prodded it they will leave it and see me in another 3 months. There is the chance as it is a slow healing break it could take 6 months to a year-not sure if thats from now or the orginal break but get the impression its the former. The second option is surgery to have a bone graft put in but as I don't work and its not causing too many problems this will be more of a last resort. However the Dr examining me was quizzing me on my medication and as my Calcium is quite low he wanted that up to try and help. As luck would have it my Kidney consultant was at the dialysis unit yesterday so I rang and asked them to pass on a message. Today he has changed some drugs and is liasing with the Orthopaedic consulatant to see what the situation is. This is also because the Dr I saw who I think was a registrar said it looked like I may have osteoporosis in my feet. But I had a bone density scan 10 months ago and that was completely normal so think this maybe a throw away comment as the consultant I saw before didn't say anything and my bones can't be thinning that fast. I do wish Dr's wouldn't make throw away comments as he couldn't point out where on the X-ray it was, sort of just waved his hands around alot.
Tomorrow it is a study day and Christmas shopping in the afternoon. I hope I can manage my shopping a bit better on this new Calcium regime as I have been very achy lately and this could be the answer.

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