Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mind made up on stitching

Today I decided to start the tryout for Midi I and then when thats done start the proper piece but have decided that I am not going to go all out to keep up and stitch on it between my rotation if I fancy a break-this is also known as the having your cake and eating it kind of stitching but it works for me lol.
I do want to get my number of WIPS down but I promised myself I would finish 2 things then start something, hence reducing my WIP pile and my stash. At one point this year I had 24 WIPS which is my highest ever and now have 20 so its heading in the right direction.
Right off to get a cuppa and stitch some more on the tryout. Later I am off to the outlet Next and sitting in the garden.
Oh and if everything goes well this week I have just 2 more full days in plaster. Not getting my hopes up toooo much but I am reasonably optimistic that I can get the plaster off and have some form of support for a bit on Tuesday. If you pardon the pun that is at least a step in the right direction lol.

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