Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The end of an era

Well today all my stuff belonging to the group went off with the courier and that as they say is it. There are one or two loose ends to tie up but for now the end is upon me.
I never actually thought I would leave completely but I know I am utterly doing the right thing. If I had stayed I would have been battered down and down and eventually have ended up as a little gibbering heap on the floor and as it was I wasn't far off that at times. Now I just hope that the baby this was to me is looked after well and gets to thrive.
No real other news today apart from the fact that dialysis was boring which is good because it means we all got through it with no drama and this afternoon I have chilled out and done some stitching. I am only 7 1/2 hours away from finishing this rotation round so will have to seriously consider whether to change it or stick with it. The thing is it seems to be working so maybe a good plan to just stick and see where it takes me. I think this will be 2 complete rounds through, but I am slow because of the Mystery projects I undertake as priority. There is only MVIII at the moment but I am likely to start Midi I soon so that will all change.
Tomorrow I plan to get some serious stitching in on Angel of the morning and to finish my book in the garden as the weather seems set fair.

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