Monday, July 25, 2005

Remember the biscuit post?

Where I was musing the fact that having a broken foot and resting mean't lots of biscuit eating and that in turn I hadn't put on wieght? Well underwent fluid monitoring today and found out that I have put on about a Kilo which is just over 2 pounds in weight. Its not too much but easily explains why my BP has been so low as they have been trying to remove a Kilo in water thats not there. Hopefully now my BP will stabilise and I will start to feel a bit better. One of my major worries is being as I was about 4 years ago when I couldn't cross the lounge without almost fainting and ended up being given a special tablet to raise my BP. As I am still on the tablet it was a real worry in case it wasn't working and its possible thats still the case but as my BP was generally better today and I have put on wieght thats not so likely.
Stitching wise I am getting stuck into Midi I and really enjoying it, but been given a suprise early password for MVIII-arrghhhhhhh which to do lol. All those reading this who are doing a mystery go and check in case you also have a password. Midi I didn't have an early password thank goodness but she may have done it and early release for others. Luckily MVIII part 8 is small and involves just 2 colours so I think it will stitch up fairly quickly.


Scully said...

No early password for Alpine Michelle! I am glad they sorted out the BP, and 2lbs as a weight gain is nothing is it! I am sure it will come back off again (assuming you want it to ;) ) once you can walk around properly! :)

Michelle said...

Wonder why MVIII was honoured with an early password-maybe it was supposed to just be xmas mystery but Martina went a bit mad lol. ;-)