Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ebay stuff is here

My stamps and glitters came from Ebay today-hows that for a fast service. I am going to have a go in a minute and see what its like.
It is soooo cold here today and I could do with the fire on. It IS July isn't it? I haven't somehow been magicked to another season like Winter when I wasn't looking? There is supposed to be a mini air display with the red arrows on the sea front today but the weather has closed in so I don't think the arrows will fly. They sometimes come over our house when they are turning which is always a treat to see but not sure its going to be our lucky day. This weekend is the Heli days festival which is OK if you like helicopters otherwise its all a bit dull-be an early start into town though before the car park fills up on Saturday morning.
No other real news here and I hope you are all OK.


Lorna said...

We saw the posters for Heli-days on our little outing the other weekend. I will have to get some piccies up. Someone was performing Shakespeare on the beach. 8-O lol

Scully said...

The red arrows passed over DBF and I when we were out on a walk a couple of weeks ago. They didn't have their flares lit but they still looked great in a V formation. They were directly above was like I had asked them to do our own display! It is a bit colder than has been up here too, but still not freezing, but I saw on the news that the South was going to be cool.

Michelle said...

It is absolutely brass monkeys down here and I have had the fire on while being on the computer today. The arrows didn't come :-( but I am not suprised really. I would imagine the Shakespear on the beach will be The Tempest in this weather ;-)lol.