Monday, July 11, 2005

Today it is over 30C

Wow its soooo hot-in fact it is TOO hot out there.

I am having a really down day today and want to cry but I don't really know why. I think the mess that my life is just keeps coming up again and again and though I desperately want to move on I am so unhappy and don't know what to do about it.
There is just far too much going on in my life now and I am finding it hard to cope with any aspect of it. I am hoping it is just a bad day but on that verdict we will have to wait and see.


Gina said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}} Michelle. It truly is just a bad day. It will get easier, you will have bad days and better days and soon the scales will tip in favour of the better days.

Miz said...

{{{ hugs}}}} Bend my ear whenever you feel like it. I am sure its the heat. Everything feels like too much at the moment.