Saturday, July 23, 2005

Feeling rough

Only a short blog today as I feel really rough. I went into town this mornign and got a couple of pairs of joggers from the Next sale and have been preparing my tablets for the week this afternoon and stitching a bit.
Tomorrow I am off to the big Next down the road which also does petite clothest to see what they have in the sale. Call me a mean old crone but I fail to see why Next need to open at 6:00am at the start of a sale. When I worked in retail it was bad enough starting at 8:00am but if someone had said we were opening 2 hours earlier than that I think most staff would refuse to come in-unless they were paid vast amounts for it. Come to think of it that should have been counted as unsociable hours so we should have got more for coming in early but in the later years all extra wages ceased when they were finacially in trouble. Ahhh the good old days when we got triple time for a Bank Holiday lol.

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Scully said...

I hope you pick up a bit Michelle. Maybe I'll see ya on msn later, if not have a good weekend. I'm late turn for the next four days so I might not otherwise see ya.