Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good/bad health news

I will start with the bad:Today I got a letter telling me my fracture clinic appointment for Tuesday had been postponed for 2 weeks so it looks like I will definitely be in plaster for the 6 weeks then.:-(
However with that letter came another First Class from Bristol and this was from my Kidney consultant and he has managed to have his meeting with the surgeon since Tuesday. The verdict is that it is not a definite no to having a transplant but I do need some further tests and the one they have booked me in for involves cameras and dyes where its best not to think about. :-(
I think it is a lucky thing that it will be under general anaesthetic although I don't much like them at least it will spare me the indignity of knowing whats going on. So this is a step forward I didn't even think we would reach.:-)
I was actually suprised that I got any news at all especially so quickly and I was just leaving the house when the postie came and something in me said wait for the post even though I am not expecting anything. So I sat in the car with mum and dad and read the letter. Of all the scenarios of how I would get news on the issue this was not one I considered especially so near to being in clinic. I was so shocked at getting news and what the letter said I didn't read the fracture clinic one properly and assumed it was confirmation of the appointment on Tuesday not a change-good job mum read them both properly later. Doh!!!!
I also managed to go round town today on crutches which if you pardon the pun is another big step forward and it felt great to be on that level in town for once. I bought a magazine with a free book that actually looks very good and a CD off my Amazon wishlist in Woolies so will go and update that as well.
Watched a bit of Live8. Think you have to be there really for the atmosphere and I have to say that none of them sounded outstanding singing live so I am wondering if the sound is a bit off. :-S
I started part 7 of MVIII and its going very quickly so looks like I maybe able to get the Medieval one going too.

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Scully said...

Aww soz to hear about the plaster! But hey...let's hope the Kidney news is a positive step in the right direction. I also think you have made the right choice about the group, just sorry to hear tha it was following a row!
Hey just think...when I get a car..I can travel and see you! Yayyyyyyy! What a perfect excuse for trying out a new car when I get one, driving to the South and back :)
Hope you feel better soon. Take care and {{{HUGS}}}