Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What a day

I am so tired again and vowed to Blog everyday but have nothing to put so may change it to just blogging when I have news. Today was not nice as I had to spend over an hour longer at dialysis just to try and get my Blood Pressure up a bit. We have a sort of agreement to let me go if its no lower than 80/50 as I suffer from low BP anyway so that is 'acceptable' for me. However today it just wasn't budging and I got so frustrated just sitting there like a lemon waiting for something to happen. Eventaully the nurse said some peoples BP goes up when they stand-in most people it drops which is why they wouldn't let me go. But in desperation we decided to see if I was one of those people and I WAS which was good as I got to go home but bad as we could have done it ages before lol.
One bit of amusement was that they are trialling new modern dialysis machines and as I was almost the first in/last to go I got to see how it worked although I wasn't on it. I thought I was going to crack up with laughter when I heard this mobile phone tune and then realised it was the machine singing to say it was done. It was a novelty today but not sure how it would be with 15 of them all going off at once esp if they all have different tunes going. Watch this space as soon they will have dialysis machine ringtones to download lol. As long as the Crazy frog isn't one I could live with it. :-)
Off for a rest and a cuppa in a bit. Hope you are all Well.


Scully said...

he he he can you imagine Crazy Frog dialysis machines...nooooooooooo! Glad you were able to be sent home Michelle. I'm someone who's BP goes down rather than up! Sometimes I think it's just as bad cos like you say, you get stuck in hospitals!

Gina said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Please don't stop blogging - I love reading yours :)

Michelle said...

Won't stop altogether as its realyl therapeutic but sometimes I think I just waffle on like some mad crone lol.

Paula said...

Please no medical equipement with ringtones. The current noises are bad enough and worse than that is the fact that you sometimes can still here them when you go home lol