Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7th-The day the terrorists came

At 8:49 am GMT the terroists came to London and what we had all dreaded since 9/11 became a reality here in the UK. I am far away from London so though I was never in any danger I have many friends there and am so relieved to know they are all OK.
There have been 7 blasts on the Underground and even a bus has been ripped apart in Central London and it is such a sad day.
I have been glued to the news all morning and trying to stitch on MVIII whilst simultaneously checking my phone and seeing the latest updates from BBC News 24. There are reports of things going on which haven't been confirmed such as more buses being bombed and places outside of London being affected as well.
This is a sad day for the UK and the world and I hope we have seen the last of it but unfortunately I doubt it.

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barbara said...

I know how you felt, 2 of my dearest friends leave in London and one of them works in Finsbury Square and he usually arrives by the tube in Liverpool Street station. I was looking for udates on BBC and italian tv every 5 minutes.
They're both safe and sane, thank God.
But 1 thought goes to all of brits.