Monday, July 04, 2005

Blog decorating

I am really enjoying this blogging hobby and especially fiddling around with the look of it. I have now added my pics of the two cats by a fire. This is a print by Charles Wysocki and it was turned into a Needlepoint design and I actually managed to finish it. Though this is not my piece of work in the picture at the top it sums up the feeling of my blog perfectly.
I am gradually finding lots of cat pictures etc to add in and play around with so watch this space for more decoration. I also am really liking calendars and blinkies as well so some of those might appear at some point too.

1 comment:

Lorna said...

You are right! The cats by the fire piccy is perfect.:) You have inspired me to fiddle with my own blog. Its gone very....purple, lol.