Friday, July 08, 2005

The day after

Today has been surreal. The news is still obviously full of the bombs from yesterday and the personal stories are now coming in. The stories of those who against all the odds are still in the world today and those people who don't know what has happened to loved ones. I think that must almost be worse than any other outcome that someone just disappears and can't as yet be traced and family and friends are appealing on tv just for any news at all. I am so glad that everyone I know is safe and well but really feel so badly for those who now know the worst or are still waiting to find out.
Although this puts my problems into some kind of perspective I still at times am in a mental turmoil as to everything that has gone on and my reactions to it. But whether some of it is an overeaction to some things some of the bad stuff that happened can not be excused and, in my heart of hearts I know I have done the right thing for me so thats all anyone can go on.
I did have a nice suprise today as mum saw the new Maeve Binchy paperback on special offer in Sainsburys this morning and got it for me as a treat. I love Maeve Binchy novels and I think it was about 3 books back that was the last one she would ever write. I am pleased she wrote more but wonder sometimes why she carried on and so soon after saying that was the last one.
Tonight is Big Brother eviction again and I think it will be Science as he doesn't do a huge amount for the group. He also seems to be the only one who hasn't got in with one of the two distinct groups which I actually think is a good thing though at times it must be a bit lonely. So I shall watch that tonight, do some stitching and try and chill out which is something I am not very good at lately.

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