Friday, July 15, 2005

That time of the week again

Yes folks its Big Brother eviction night and what a night it should be. The housemates were told they would get lied to twice this week and the lies were these:

Nominations were optional.
Who has been nominated.

In a snapshot only 3 nominated and they have been told they are all up for eviction. In truth they are safe and the other non-nominators are ALL up for eviction. Neither set know this so 3 people are thinking one of those will go where in truth they are all totally safe. Add to the mix that the two with the highest number of votes from the other group then go to the housemates to decide who will actually go its likely to all kick off. I do hope they take it in good part but I am willing to bet several will have a mental barny.
Last night I did a bit more blog decorating and have added a calender and some more blinkies plus a shelf to hold them all. One of my favourites is the Scorpio cat which Scully found for me. I also like the bottom blinkie of the relaxing cat.
I finally finished my book on dialysis this morning so will start the Maeve Binchy-Nights of rain and stars later.


Scully said...

The calenders are great aren't they. It's also just dawned on me that Hello Kitty is in fact a cat! ROFL how bad's wonder you like it. I mean I knew it was a cat but sort of forgot how apt it would be for your blog. I'll keep taking the meds......

Michelle said...

ROTFL. Thats sooooo funny. :-)