Sunday, July 10, 2005

More blog decorating

I have added some new blinkies to my blog and one I especially like and I had never seen it until Scully sent it to me yesterday. It is the scrolling cats at the top of the pile at the bottom. Each and every blinkie means something special to me and apart from the ones used for headings I will give a little overview of the others. I chose a summers day one because summer has finally come to the UK. The butterflies one is in rememberance of Sara who loved butterflies and even made our group logo a butterfly. The dragon one because I have always loved dragons and whereas butterflies were Sara's motif dragons or cats would be mine. Finally I am a Scorpio and that is my favourite blinkie that tells you so. I hope to find a nice blinkie shelf to hold them soon and maybe add some more bits and pieces.
Last night as some of you know I heard two sharp bangs in the neighbourhood and to both me and mum they sounded like gun fire. I am sure that now nothing has occurred and it was fireworks but it certainly gave us both a turn. Soon after I heard they were evacuating Birmingham city centre due to a security alert and was thankful my brother was away for the weekend. So much bad stuff seems to be going on at the moment and its such a shame as the majority of people just want a peaceful world.
Tonight I am cracking on with some stitching and just generally chilling out. My head is in less turmoil and I only find myself going over it all half the time now instead of the whole time. Unfortunately alot of that is late at night and sleep is not great but I still feel I did what was right and as long as that feeling stays I will have few regrets. Of course I regret not hanging in there and trying to sort it all out but I was fighting a losing battle on that and to stay would have made no difference except to just make me even more anxious and upset. A line has to be drawn sometimes and I had reached my personal limit on how far I could be pushed and actually feel quite proud that I made this stand. At one time I would have carried on come what may but now my own health comes first.

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