Thursday, July 14, 2005

Crikey that was quick

Today I received another hospital letter again sent first class. This one I knew had to be my test/operation date. It wasn't but was related in that I have to see the consultant who is doing the test in his clinic first. I suppose its only good manners to introduce yourself before they start fiddling around with various parts of your body lol. Anyway it is on August 9th at 9:45 am so thats not too long to wait either. Strangely enough I don't feel freaked at the moment but once the test date is set I will be a jangle of nerves.
I have got some very usful stitching in on Angel of the morning and my magnetic board is a God send as I can have the fan on me without losing the chart lol. So far I haven't finished my book or even picked it up but I will try later. I seem to still be incredibly anxious at the moment and have started to have panic attacks again, but hopefully they will settle eventually.

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