Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another consequence of a broken foot

Is that you feel well but you can't move very far or fast so inbetween stitching I am eating. I haven't put on any weight as yet but there are only so many biscuits you can eat before the hips start getting affected lol.
I actually haven't felt as physically well as I do at the moment for months and yet can't take advantage of it because of the foot-oh well with any luck this time next week the plaster will be off. I know the mental stress has dragged me down physically too but it hasn't been the best year health wise what with one thing and another but I think I am learning to live on a day to day basis-and today is good. :-)
I forgot to blog yesterday that Taffy had his jabs and his annual check up and he is really good for a 15 year old cat. Apparently according to a chart on the vets wall he is 72 years old in human years so hopefully all things being equal we will have him for a good while yet.
Talking of cats I saw a picture of the new kitten Gina is getting and it is just gorgeous and I am going to join a long queue of those wanting to play with it which must be getting longer by the day.

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