Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So tired today

For various reasons I had an extremely bad night last night and I am now really tired today.
I managed to get myself going and got to the fracture clinic a bit early and it is mixed news on that front. I am out of plaster which is what I was hoping for but I didn't bargain on the extra part of it. The bit of my foot I broke tends to take longer to heal-why I don't know but apparently it does, so although a plaster is not necessary I have to wear my walking shoe and use crutches for another 6 weeks and if the pain gets worse I have to return to a plaster cast. :-( I remember the plaster technician telling me ages ago that it is an injury that heals itself but the plaster and shoe are more for pain control so I guess thats why I don't need the plaster at the moment. Oh well on the flipside is the fact that I was going to get some really lovely sandals this year but as its going to be August 30th now when I go back its not worth it. So bearing that in mind I will use the money for stash instead-so every cloud has a silver lining as they say lol.
I have been working out dates and commitments that are looming and will now be on crutches for my next hospital appt and our stitchers GTG. However I am determined I am not going to let it stop me and I will just work around the problems but also take it easy as I really want to be free of this lot before the Sara fun day which is the weekend after I go back to the fracture clinic so that may not be possible either. Although IF I am still on crutches it won't stop me going, just maybe not taking part in some of it-maybe leave the bouncy castle to the kids if there is one lol.

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