Sunday, July 24, 2005

Re:Feeling better

I feel loads better today and its because I woke up with a cold. I think its being trying to come out which is why I have felt rough. I still feel like my BP is low so dreading tomorrow and dialysis. Blood Pressure needs to be a certain level to remove excess fluid as in theory it drops more as you take fluid off. I am going on fluid monitoring tomorrow which was a complete disaster last time but it needs to be determined if my low BP is lack of fluid or another problem.
Fluid monitoring is an extra machine that attaches to the filter on the dialysis machine and it tells the staff whether you have the right amount of fluid in your body. However the snag is that to tie the results up the patients BP needs to be taken every hour and as mine drops they don't then wish to remove any more fluid even though I feel ok. The strange thing is that if I wasn't on the monitoring my BP wouldn't be checked and then it would just carry on removing the fluid. Its kind of catch 22 but I do understand their viewpoint and the staff understand mine so I think at least that is half the battle won. We are after all working towards a common goal so I am going to try and keep calm and get it sorted.
Hope you are all having a good weekend.

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