Sunday, July 31, 2005

No lottery win

Got zilch on the lottery last night but with one ebay auction coming in today for £15 I am only £10 shy of the MTM kit-Yayyyyy. I may just order it anyway as I still have to decide on fabric and October is coming on us really fast. Luckily I am saving some money on this as I already have a good portion of the Rainbow Gallert petite treasure braid so as I am taking those I have out of the kit it will be reduced a bit.:-)
No other real news except I am again stitching loads as I am tired and my brain is trying to think about stuff i don't want it to so am burying myself in my stitching in a bid to not think. I am on the second corner of MVIII Part 8 and realised it probably would have looked ok with the variegated silks on the last corner if I had carried on. However I am still happy with it this way so will leave it be. I thought I would have to frog it after my first evening on the other corner as I always have the salvage edge at the bottom and start each part top left. When I took my first evenings stitching off I had started in the bottom right without realising. As luck would have it as I 'thought' it was the top left the stitches were in the correct direction AND the pattern matched. PHEW.;-)

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