Monday, August 01, 2005

Fed up and anxious

Ok I need to have a moan. Today I am FED UP and this is for multiple reasons. Dialysis was not good as for the second session running I was sick. This time they hadn't set the machine up properly and air got in through the circuit. I had to come off and have it sorted and any kind of slight upset with the machine or needles makes me ill. I have been told its because this drops BP and mine has nowhere to go to start with. This is also a bone of contention as it was 'better' but the nurse was not happy so gave me some fluid to start with and then when the BP dropped I had to have more so am now 600 mls or .6 of a Kilo over what I should be. However I am not cross as I know they have a procedure to follow its just another source of why I am cheesed off.
The main reason is my foot and my immobility and the fact its summer and so much is going on but I have to think what is practical with this injury. I know its going to get better but my next appt is on Augst 30th so seeing as the break was on June 4th thats my whole summer like this. Still these things are sent to try us I suppose and at least I have an excuse to sit and stitch lol.
Not much other news except to say I am very, very nearly there for the money for Medieval Town Mandala so can order it THIS WEEK. Yayyyyyy.

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