Monday, August 15, 2005

Deja vu

Another dialysis another hours wait for the technician to come. Apparently a spare part is needed which ahs to come from Sweden so this could be a regular occurence for awhile. We didn't have time knocked off today either as it only happened on Friday and we had too much fluid to remove in a shorter time. Some people got away with half an hour less but I wasn't one of them and even then ended up with a bit of excess fluid on. Oh well on the flip side my BP is higher so thats something to be thankful for.
I am off for my meal in a few hours and really looking forward to the break away and a nice meal to boot.
I think I have finally decided on my fabric for Medieval Town Mandala and I think its going to be Parkland. I was just too worried about changing the count of fabric and some of the potential pitfalls of that. I did like Jobelan Lambswool but I think its a bit too dark as there is quite a bit of empty fabric and thinking about it Cookie Dough may have been the same. So Parkland Lugana it is and I will get that ordered very soon.
One other thing I forgot to Blog yesterday is my order at Stitching Bits n Bobs. I got 2 Lizzie Kate Flip its-a cat one and the dog version. I also ordered most of the Glorianas and Waterlilies needed for Japanese Garden and MXI. I usually buy the packages of these and ideally I want to get one each for my birthday and Christmas but they maybe a bit much if I haven't already got some of the threads. :-)


Scully said...

I love those flip-its Michelle, the Woof and the Meow ones :) Congrats on your stash!

Michelle said...

:-) :-) :-) :-)

So cute aren't they!!