Sunday, August 21, 2005

Taken me all day to realise

Well its taken me until just a few minutes ago that 6 years ago today I was admitted to hospital with the failure of one kind of dialysis which led to sudden extreme illness. In the wee small hours this escalated and I ended up in ICU for a day.
This date always makes me edgy as I have a thing about anniverseries etc. Last week it was even worse as a couple of the features that landed me in ICU is what my friend had but for very different reasons. When this combined with Sara being in ICU not so long ago I started having some major flashbacks whenever I thought about it-esp this time when I was texting updates to friends as this was how I used to often update people on Sara and these people are the same this time.:-(
I know I have a long way to go with this stress but I am getting there slowly but surely. Keeping busy is doing wonders and thats why this day has mostly gone without me feeling its significance.
So today I have stitched on MVI and made 4 more cards and tonight I plan to stitch on Midi I for a bit and then chill out online later.

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