Monday, August 29, 2005

Bit stressed

Last night bought the news that my friend is back in ICU after developing a chest infection. I was just starting to relax on this front as well, so now we wait for news again.
Dialysis today was smooth and this afternoon I am having a quiet one and will probably go and stitch in a bit. I am still plugging away on Midi I and its coming on now and although I won't catch up, I am not going to be behind by too much so thats something.
Saturday is looming and it is turning into a good social event as we are having a impromptu party and sleepover after all the hard work is out of the way which will be something to look forward too.
The next couple of weeks are almost completely booked up at the moment and my social life is like buses ie nothing happening and then everything happens at once.:-)

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