Sunday, August 28, 2005


This afternoon me and mum got the cards for the fundraiser priced and labelled and here as follows are some pictures as promised:

This is by no means all of them but gives an idea that there will be a varied selection on the day. Now I just have to hope that some of them get sold.


missy said...

Your cards are wonderful. I have been reading about how hard you have been working on them.
I joined Blogger so I could post comments to you. I don't have a blog set up on blogger....yet. But I do have one if you would like to check it out here is the web addy:

My name is Missy, by the way.LOL I have been reading your blog for about a month now and really look forward to reading it daily. I'm sorry to hear when your having a bad day and inspired to read when you don't let it get you down.
I of course don't understand what happened to you for you to have had to leave your group. But I can understand in a way how you are feeling. I too left a board I was a member of due to others attitudes and opions that I didn'y agree with.
Stay strong and know that you have a new friend in me. If you wish?

Gina said...

Well done MIchelle - what an acheivement!! I am sure they will sell very well and raise lots of money :)

Scully said...

Michelle, they are great. If I were there in oerson I'd snatch up that bunny one faster than you could say Whiskers! Good for you on a great achievement.