Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A peaceful day

Today has passed without incident which is a good thing as tomorrow looks set to be ultra busy. I managed to arrange two appointments within an hour of each other tomorrow morning and then want to make some more cards for the fun day in the afternoon.
Talking of cards I managed to make 8 today and went for the simple stickers, peel offs and ribbons approach and they have come out quite well. I must post a picture of them all when I have bagged and labelled them all. I spent alot of last night doing the first batch and nearly 2 hours later I had done aroudn 25. I still need to price them and put a lable on telling the buyer what the message inside says-most often its blank or best wishes to maximise sales lol. At least if none get bought on the Sat I won't have to buy another card for several years lol.
Tonight is a good tv night so I plan to sit and stitch on Midi I and have a good old chill out session.

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