Saturday, August 06, 2005

An ok day so far

Its been a busy one today as I have been into town and had a good shop, made a few phone calls, sorted my tablets for the week and stitched on MVIII.
Last night we heard that the person who is ill has improved a bit so have to keep everything crossed this carries on as with kidney patients nothing is certain. It has however put us all back in touch with each other from the group which is a good thing as I wanted to repair some bridges and at least be on amicable terms with them all again. I did get the slight impression hints were being made today of me possibly helping again. I am not diving into anything and a hint won't work at the moment-being asked properly or a grovel may do. This time it would be on my terms and I would be doing it to keep the group together for Sara's sake and not because they are completely off the hook with regards to recent events. At the moment my own health is top priority and the rest can wait a bit.
I have asked on the Chatelaine board for some overlays in reference to Japanese Garden as I really want to do this on a coloured fabric rather than white. Although I like the black its not for me so am leaning towards a lighter colour in the greys, blue, greens area.
This week is going to be a busy one as I have the Urologist on Tuesday and seeing a friend on Thurs as well as dialysis Mon, Wed, Fri as usual. Will chill out next weekend lol.

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