Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well I just did it

Well folks I just signed up for my first OU course. If they get everything back in time for me to send it back by the deadline I will start in October. As I am incapacitated at the moment I will have even more time and should still be able to fit my stitching in too lol.
I have chosen to study An introduction to Humanities which will last 9 months and give me 60 credits towards a degree if I decide to go on and study for one. I will get a Certificate if I pass this course successfully so in 9 months I maybe able to put letters after my name lol.
I am excited and scared and nervous all at the same time but am looking forward to this change of gear in my life, even if I have to give up some stitching time for it lol.
There is a storm brewing round here at the moment with thunder and lightening rumbling around but the long range forecast still looks promising for the weekend.:-)

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